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    Anyone have any comments ?

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    I have heard both positive and negative comments like any other company but your best bet would be to search this forum.

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    Single homed williams co. Techs are pretty clueless. Decent prices though. When I was with them about 5 months ago average uptime was 99.5% per month.

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    I was going to say something but I knew darn well that you would be here in all your glory

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    Just put the server on your home connection, the results will be better.

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    i have my server their and i am very happy. i think the techs are very smart althugh if you call for a problem give them a few hours to get back to you. but i like their price.

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    i also have many servers there great connection.
    Robin Alex
    At your service....

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    i think the problem is ppl just need to give them a chance... since march when i started i have only had 4 problems 3 i casued or was hardware related. i only live 20 min away so i can stop by any time they always let me in.

    Their new datacenter DOES have UPS systems the does not...

    they are also reorganising teh racks and doing the wiring neat it looks great i was theri last fri for a few hours...

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    I think we will be hearing more about calpop in the near future. They would be a great provider if they had a better reputation and better support. Ive talked to Lynn there a couple of times. I wouldent use them myself, but maybe for a download server or something.

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    Originally posted by sysc
    Single homed williams co. Techs are pretty clueless. Decent prices though. When I was with them about 5 months ago average uptime was 99.5% per month.
    I know a tech there and he definately isn't clueless
    As for there uptime, I had a shell there about 5 months ago too, it was pretty bad but I hear they are adding lines and improving...

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    * Netcraft says it all

    Check out


    Nearly 400 competitors gained sites from EV1Servers last month, paced by CalPop (2,111 hostnames), Global Network Access (1,590), Internap (1,191), BurstNet (769) and The Planet (730). Capacity issues may have been a a factor, as the Houston-based dedicated server company completed an upgrade of its power infrastructure.

    Now I been with Calpop for many years I do also have colo other places. I noticed they change providers more then others but at this time they have XO, Williams and I saw Level3 here and there. When I talked to their techs I was told Level3 will be connected full time within the next couple of weeks.

    My uptime is great.
    They are a bit confused at times but it has been good for the past month or so. Now I feel thier techs are more focused and dont have the problems I noticed in the prior year.

    I also noticed many larger hosters on thier network.

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    Ya I would agree with mnu as we both know the same admin there and as he a very smart tech we have discussed calpop on multiple occasions. He has agreed with me in the past that they were not stable but are very steadily improving. As for single homed last I checked they had 2 providers williams and XO and were working to add level3 to the mix as they had used them in the past. I have not tested their network as of lately but can ask my friend for an honest opinion of how it has been as he will tell me.

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