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    Looking to build your portfolio?

    If you are a aspiring web designer looking to build your portfolio here's an offer. Design my hosting site and have something that is accually a business to refer people to. Also I will provide you with a free account where you can get your own site going.

    To contact me catch me on icq 35000517 or msn [email protected]

    I hope this is in the right forum. If not maybe the mods can move it.

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    Nope, this isn't the right forum. This should be in the Related Offers and Requests forums.

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    Thread moved.

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    Re: Looking to build your portfolio?

    Have an idea how much professional webdesign really costs? One can not eat and drink from the deal you offer!

    Goodluck though, probably some teenagers around who are willing to do this.

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    Professional web design is a broad term. You could pay $1,000,000 for a site and it would still only be a site. However when you are selling something all you really need to do is get the message accross in the quickest and most concise way possible. In the web hosting business itís not the most intricate site that sells the most.

    Oh and some teenagers are extremely talented.

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