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    * Toronto Radio Station Has Class

    Not sure how many of you have read about this story, but as far as I know (haven't followed it too closely), a mother was picking up dinner when she was shot in the back during a drive by shooting in the Toronto area. She has been told she likely will not walk again and will be stuck in a wheel chair the rest of her life. With 3 children and 1 of them being challenged it's deeply saddening to see such things happen.

    Today while watching the news, I saw a story about the infamous Q107 ( and how this morning during a 3 hour donation for the mother raised over $150,000 dollars for her family! I know many charities open when someone gets hurt, etc but $150,000 in 3 hours. I'm extremely proud of the radio station and of the city of Toronto for what it has donated.

    You can read the story for yesterday here:

    I have yet to see a new story regarding todays donations go up as of yet.

    Anyways, I just wanted to post this as we're so close to mothers day and I think we can all admit this would be the most horrific thing to see our mothers go through.


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    I love those kind's of stories. Hopefully, the donations will keep rolling in. That's astonishing.

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    Definately nice to see. Thanks for posting up a reply!

    I also should mention that their home is going to need extensive renovations (make it wheel chair accessible) and as of today, so many Toronto businesses have offered their services for free that their counting on it costing the family $0.

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    Thats very generous of them.
    It is always such a shame to see innocent people being hurt.
    They did not deserve it.. maybe its fate.. or being in the wrong place at the wrong time...

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    Kudos to Johnny D and Q107 for their admirable efforts. Great job.

    My heart goes out to Mrs. Russo and her family. Tomorrow I will make the trip to the neighborhood CIBC branch and make my own small contribution.

    Thanks for posting this, Jeff.

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    I think this is the nicest thing ever!!!!!!!!

    The Dude


    Thanx for sharing this story!!!!!!!!
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