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    member management scripts

    Perhaps someone can help me...and perhaps this belongs in another forum.

    I recently signed up for hosting services and went through a simple step-by-step process to sign up, pay, and create account info. Now, I want to do the same thing for my website, which is partially restriced by member access.

    For users who wish to pay to gain member access, I'd like to embed PayPal (my current e-payment processor) into the signup page somehow and allow these users, once they completed payment, to create their own unique ID and password, then instantly access the secured directory without intervention on our end.

    To give you some background info, our current setup goes like this. Member goes to PayPal, signs up for membership, we receive notice from Paypal, then we send an email containing a standard ID and password to the new member. We wish we could AUTOMATE the process and not have to receive then send emails. We want them to have the capability of doing this by themselves.

    There are ample "member management scripts" but I know nothing about them nor would I know to incorprate them into my site's webpages. I was instructed to look over these:

    Can anyone help me with this and/or point me in the direction of FREE scripts that can be easily learned and added to my webpages??????


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    Hi there is something called the IPN that allows this to automatically do this for you...

    Furthermore I belive on this site I did read somewhere that Papal would acutally send out an email of your behalf with a password etc...

    I don't know if someone has written that or whether Paypal actually provide that. Hope that helps


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    Thanks Jazz!

    Does anyone have experience setting this up through PayPal???Where PayPal will send an auto-response that contains member ID and password directly to the user once the payment process is complete???

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