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    Anyone comments on ValueWeb dedicated?

    about to purchase a dedicated server at Valueweb, anyone had any experience with them? Going for the $59 Linux package with free Ensim Basic.

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    Doesn't offer hardware upgrades! Here's my live chat transcript:

    Dan: Hello. I'm Dan with ValueWeb Dedicated Server Sales. How may I assist you?
    Me: How much for a 512mb memory upgrade to my dedicated server?
    Dan: sorry mike we don't offer hardware upgrades....
    Dan: if you have 512 MB now, you'd want to upgrade to the Base or Pro server.
    Me: thank you goodbye
    Dan: sure, bye

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    All I know about them is that they have an ad in rotation here.

    Have you tried searching?
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    i only really want the server to run one high-bandwidth website, and seems ok but i don't want to be stuck with a server to goes up and down like a yo-yo or anything

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    I have been with them a very long time and they arent the best at support but very stable and nice network.

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    Got a 59 dollar deal for a project and the network has been good.
    Support was a bit delayed, due to multiple verification codes.
    Overall they were able to answer my questions.
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