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Thread: DNS question

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    DNS question

    i want to ask if my domain point to 2 different Ip
    with four name servers

    and one of the ip did n't work the question is Does the domain will point to the onther one

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    Yes your domain will still work. That's the whole idea behind multiple nameservers. If one of them stops working, the other still do the job. - affordable multiple domain hosting solutions
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    and what i put more that name server for each domain but didn't open an account for each nameserver on my server
    as when the first ip dropped i create an account in the 2 one to get it up as fast

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    the name server move shud take place 24-24 hours , depending on dns , but you should still be able to view ya site until the namechange takes place

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    If the other hosting company allows you to upload directly to their server before your nameserver settings have changed, do so. That way the switch will be near seamless, with no downtime of your site.
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    he's correct!

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    Four will work, but all you really need is only two. It will check the primary nameserver, and if it doesn't respond - it will go to the next one. In your case of four nameservers, it will check #1, then #2, then #3, then #4 - if none of those responds, a 404 is displayed.

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