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    Question HTTPS points to another site on server.

    I am running a windows 2000 advance server with 2 websites hosted off of it. Site A has a secure certificate and Site B does not. When I type in http s:// siteb. com I get the webpage for site a. Is there some sort of setting on the webserver that I need to set to prevent secure site B from pointing to site A. I would imagine I should be getting a "The page can not be displayed" error page. I appreciate any help or advice I can get.


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    Whats the IP address, make sure it's yours, and not a shared IP. - Host on Cloudrck
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    Sounds like you are using the same IP for both sites, using host header information, but port 443 is only configured for SiteA so all SSL traffic for both sites is directed to SiteA.

    Right click on site B in the IIS Manager. Select Properties | Web Site. Add 443 to the SSL port box. Click Advanced. You should have entires for & for port 80 Add entries for for port 443 and for port 443 using the same IP address as in the port 80 entries.

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    Ok that fixed part of my problem. Thanks. I still get the message that the certificate does not match the site and then when I view the certificate it is for site A. Any suggestions on how to fix this issue?

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