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    Thumbs up Clean-cut, professional template for sale

    This is my first attempt at attracting the template market here at WHT. By purchasing the design you get the following:

    (1) Complete rights to design with royalty-free photo(s)
    (2) Layered and organized PSD file for easy editing
    (3) Small revisions (includes text changes and basic content editing and basic color changes, changing the screenshot to your control panel etc)
    (4) Includes the content as well

    Keep in mind, that's a screen shot so the quality isn't as high as a normal design.

    Bidding for this template begins at $200.00 USD with a $500.00 buyout. The auction will end Friday, May 7th at 2;00 PM PST. Any bids and/or questions can be PMed or you can reply here.

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    id reccomend watermarking the pate so no one rips you off
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    Honestly, I'm not too worried about it. Nothing is going to prevent someone from stealing it if they want it bad enough. Plus, if I see it ANYWHERE I'll have my relatively unfriendly lawyer draw up a letter informing them of their illegal activities .

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    Yes, but the thingis, it becomes word on word.

    The other guy can easily say you ripped him, at least if its watermarked its hard for the guy, + there are always traces.

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