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    redhat 9, editing text files

    Basic question here.

    How do i edit a conf and/or txt file
    I am running RH9 in GUI mode, i am using the terminal which is set to the bash shell. is there an 'edit file.txt' command?

    I have su'd to root if this makes a difference.

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    The built in would be vi. Do a 'man vi' from the command line.

    vi is not the worlds most intuitive command line editor. In RH9 you also have access to emacs in GUI mode which some would argue is worse than vi. Either way, there are many other text editors that are available, depending on your preferences. You should have a home icon available on your desktop. Click that, and you are running a graphical shell kinda like Windows explorer. You can edit text files in that environment too.

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    pico (or nano - newer version of pico)

    From the GUI:
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