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    Huh? ASTONISHING phpBB/forum skins for sale!


    The software industry is getting larger by time. Software developers makes users learn and use their product easier and much more user friendly. Besides ease of use, a great looking interface is very important because it actually effects their users by making them feel comfortable and fun.

    We have several skins up for sale, check them out:

    This is what PixelSlot aims for, making great looking designs. We have a line of products for you, starting off with styles for forums, CMS designs, and premade website designs. If you are looking for a custom design or you have questions about our services, feel free to contact us for a quote, and we'll be glad to support you.

    If you are looking for custom designs, feel free to contact me personally:

    Thank you all.

    Benny G,
    PixelSlot Web Studio
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