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    Bravenet Anyone ???

    A question.

    I've been using a bunch of Bravenet's free webmaster tools. I see they've cleaned up their hosting services and was wondering if anyone in the WHT forum had experience with PAID hosting at Bravenet. The free hosting has problems (what free host doesn't?!)

    But anyone know anything about their PAID hosting services??? Reliable? Efficient???


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    * Make sure you read the fine print!

    There are no gray areas with Bravenet, if you are in violation of ANY kind, they will delete you account immediately without warning... they don't allow you the opportunity to rectify the situation, regardless if you have hundreds of dollars in advertising with them that is not fulfilled and hundreds more that is active (without a site to access) In addition to that their domain registry company is in legal issues currently so good luck getting your domain if you do happen to do anything that they don't like! I would strongly recommend any counseling services of any kind not to register with them because these words will get your account deleted IMMEDIATELY without notification..."Our counseling services are limited to those who are 18 years and older due to COPPA regulations."

    Have a great day

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