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    I am hoping mad

    So here is my story

    I ordered a server on April 4th latter on that day after getting no email from anyone there telling me when it would be setup I sent a email and was told it would take about 2 weeks. I was also told by one person that it did come with MySQL and then by some other person that it DID NOT... I canceled my account with AIT on the 4th and was thinking I was out of the $60.95 and that I was OK with... but did not think I would be billed again after closing my account with you that day... I got the letter from you saying my account was closed I believe in the 5th at 11:35AM latter that day you charged my card anther $53.63 for a upgraded account and that is what I am not happy about and I would like my money back at least ! the $53.63 as I did close my account before someone there reopened my account and upgraded...

    I later on the 19th was told that I would get my refund but never got one know that if I did that to someone that hosts with be I would be hearing it everday also Mastercard only gives 30 days to refund the money and it's been the 30 days and noiw I have to do a chargback and don't like doing that. but I guess thats what I am going to have to do...

    One other thing as I am sounding off about this I don't know how there tech support is but there BILLING SUPPORT SUCKS!!!

    Thank you,
    Oliver Walker

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    LOL, no kidding. Welcome to the club.

    Be sure to file a complaint w/ full documentation to

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    Mmmmm sounds like I am not the only one they have rapped here...
    well that makes me fill a little better well no not really I guess...

    Thank you for the BBB thing I did not think about them other then doing the charge back

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    53 is never a place to host. I was with them as a new comer in internet business some years back and I will never forget the nasty, hostile experience I had with them. Even after i cancelled my hosting with them they kept billing my card. One Linda Grewen was my account officer then. She would ask for my card details and things like. She is just a person i wouldn't love to meet again in life for any thing.

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    Well I did get my all money back from them I started calling them 3 times a day and kicked out about 500 support tickets in a little over 2 days that I was doing a charge back after I found out that they only game me a credit for any new order I may place with them. I also told them that I was going to report them to the BBB "I did anyway" and that mastercard only gives 30 days for a refund.. and I had my money back within 2 days...

    Anynew people that are looking for a few host and you see make sure you run as fast as you can....

    2 to 3 weeks to setup a server, right more like a day max maybe

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    omg i am like in the process of stroking out, i am soooooooooo angry at ait, they wont take my phone call so i can cancel my account, and i have been trying to cancel it since friday morning.

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