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    * vBulletin 3 Skin/Logo/Site

    Hello everyone. I help run which is basically a discussion board about anything. Now that vBulletin has officially released vb3, we upgraded and we are now just stuck with our default template. Anyways, we need someone to design a template and logo for our vb3 board/site that will really make us stand out. We're thinking it needs to have a theme relating to a "pub" or something. We're looking for something really neat here.. a very professional and sleak design to make us unique and fun.

    I want to stay at or below $100 if possible. Please post or contact the webmaster via the following messaging services with your portfolios and price quotes. We'd like to get this started ASAP so please act now!

    AIM: Madacc
    ICQ: 48268950
    MSN: [email protected]

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    I think you'll be quite stretched to find someone who will do a good job for $100.

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