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    Need Full rack + 50mbs

    Looking for a colo provider that can offer
    a full rack with atleast 20AMPs, for $850 or less

    And 50mbs capped for 1 year commit at around $45/mb

    If your main line is a cogent line, i don't want it. Don't mind cogent, but not as the main provider, backup or mixed in BGP is fine though.

    Please contact asap if you can offer this. Partner and I are looking to get up and running, and begin quickly. Will need options to expand after 6months to 100mb from 50mb.
    and options to add more racks after first year.



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    Definitely check out in chicago. They have pricing on their site lower than what you have listed.

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    Check, they might be able to do $40/meg in XO Fremont, have heard nothing but good for their network and service

    Or might be able to do something for you as well.

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    wouldn't want to do business in a public forum. please give me a call toll-free at 1-877-MY-RUSKO - i will make sure it is worth your while.

    * Rusko Enterprises LLC - Upgrade to 100% uptime today!
    * Premium NYC collocation and custom dedicated servers
    call 1-877-MY-RUSKO or paul [at]

    dedicated servers, collocation, load balanced and high availability clusters

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    Does location matter? We will have our own private cage in Equinix IBX in Secaucus, NJ with connection to NAC. The datacenter itself is top notch! I will see what we can do for you for that price range. Please contact me below.
    Fluid Hosting, LLC - HSphere Shared and Reseller hosting - Now with HIGH AVAILABILITY
    Fluid VPS - Linux and Windows Virtuozzo VPS - Enterprise VPS with up to 2 GB guaranteed memory!
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    Equinix Secaucus NY2 (NYC Metro)

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