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Thread: Value plz

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    Value plz

    For those that dont know HL2 is a game that should be very popular.

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    I would say reg price for now... Maybe when Half Life 2 finally DOES come out, then we have a different story.

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    is this a well known term hl files or hl2 files? can't see much value especially in the .net form.

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    Its not really a well known term when you put it together. HL stands for Half Life. HL2 stands for a game that didn't even come out yet... Half Life 2. The domain is like Its worthless unless it is developed.

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    The real value isn't even it's reg price. Maybe after the game comes out and it will be popular (I have no doubts about that) and the site will be fully developed, maybe it will have some value.

    Anyway, were there announcements that HL2 is on the way? I guess that would be interested in this.
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