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    namecheap mail settings problem

    Hi, I am trying to edit the MXE settings for one of my domains at namecheap.

    Maybe its just me having this problem, I entered the wrong MXE settings into namecheaps modify host records page and now when I try to change it the same old info comes up but with my changes added as a new entry below. I would like to clear them all off but it doesn`t seem to let me.

    I have emailed namecheap support yesterday but so far no response.

    Any ideas appreciated, thanks.


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    just replace the MXE record with the new record and it should be just fine.
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    Thats exactly what I did, but when I hit save the screen reloads with two MXE records, the new one and the old wrong one.

    I got a reply from namecheap saying it was fixed, I tried again and its not, I replied telling them that, no answer yet.

    waits patiently......

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    If you enter the host name you used in the sub-domain section above with an A record typs and save it will error out and clear the MXE entry.
    Crazy but it works.

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