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    server clustering solution needed

    i'm looking for a way to make a cluster for maximum uptime.
    What i need is somthing witch are easy to set up and maintain.
    I also need a way to sync the two servers .
    The clustering solution wil have to be compatible with whm/cpanel.
    the servers will be located in different datacenters

    Anyone know a solution witch wil suits my needs ??

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    Re: server clustering solution needed

    Originally posted by nor-hosting

    The clustering solution wil have to be compatible with whm/cpanel.
    I don't think there are any.

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    What your saying dosnt make a whole lot of sense. Are you going to have two clusters of servers (possivly a SAN solutions?) in two different datacenters and you want to sync the files between datacenters? Essentially load balancing between two clusters?

    1. This will not be be low maintinence.

    2. This will be expensive. If you dont have a big fat checkbook, dont bother looking further.

    3. You better be prepaired to hire probably a couple knowledgable staff to maintain and troublshoot the hardware. If you have one guy in CA to maintain the server there and the other is in NewJersy (it goes down), you'll be outa luck.

    And if your going to hire someone to maintain it for you, might as well hire them to design the network for you as well...

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    I'd say you'd want to look at the Linux-HA project. They have a swish little tool which maintains a network based filesystem which replicates the files between two servers.

    While it is primarily used for instant failover, I'm fairly certain you can setup just the replicated filesystem and use it for a load balancing system.

    As far as costs are concerned, I doubt it'd be very cheap but it WOULD be reasonable. If I was asked to set it up I'd be estimating US$500 to setup then $100 -> $150/month to maintain it. But that's just me. You may know someone in a country with a low standard of living whom you could hire at a lower rate.


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    Linux HA project isn't a wan solution.

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    sorry if i didn't make myself clear ..
    What i'm looking for is a failover cluster with servers in 2 different datacenters.

    I have found a wan solution ( ) but i'm not sure i can use it since it seem to be mainly for webservers ..


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