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Thread: ebooks ?

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    ebooks ?

    is there any market for these as i could put a site up with over 10,000+ ebooks , in all catagories etc
    and sell them cheap like $10-$15 per ebook , or less

    any comments welcome

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    as long as you keep it legal

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    well it would be legal , but also is there anyone looking to buy them on here

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    are the ebooks already set up in a database? If they are I'd be willing to build a site to sell them.

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    It depends on the selection of books. That's what would determine whether or not I was interested.

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    well there would basiacly be books for everything , like a huge ebook megastore

    i havnt gone right into planning right now until i know people will want it

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    yeah but are they already in a mySQL database. The task of adding that many books to a database would be huge

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    You would have to have some sort of big attraction, as I currently use for all of my ebook needs and I like them alot.

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    well they would be cheap and a HUGE selection

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    Do you "really" have resell rights to 10,000 + ebooks are did you just get them from other people who say you have resell rights when in reality you are not supposed too...

    I`m sure if your site is HUGE and has 10k+ ebooks the original owners/creators will start to care... Just a thought..
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    Ya that is a big question, do you have resell rights to all of these ebooks? I mean i have a collection myself but not 10,000 that I have master resell rights to. If you do then there might be a market for it. Alternatively you could sell them through clickbank and advertise on search engines. Even paypal has a community store.


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    well i would order all the ebooks in bix resell packs , but me personaly think there is not going to be a big enough market for me to break into

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