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    cardgame domainname: 3,620,000 hits

    This might be one of the hottest cardgames around: YuGiOh

    Very popular in Europe, Asia and Canada. (3,620,000 Google-hits)

    I'm selling the domain ==>

    ** registered at NameCheap (free transfer)
    ** expires 05/03/2005 (so still one year to go)
    ** registered in all major ext.
    ** payments via paypal

    Kind regards,

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    seller drove up bids with another ebay account, SHADY CAT

    saw that in your feedback. whats that all about?

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    I suggest you have a look at the comments about this EBAY-member "Thetradepage", Sir.
    Much will become clear...

    That Ebay-member was banned from Ebay a couple of days after he made these comments.

    Do I need to say that the accusations were FALSE ?

    Kind regards,

    edit: I contacted EBAY today and asked to remove these comments.

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    no one else is bidding that anyways

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