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    Question Server to server FTP?

    Hi, I am just wondering if anyone know of how to transfer files from 1 server to another without downloading the files to my pc.

    I have files for a friend to transfer of up to 2 gigs? Are there any good programs to do this?


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    First of all, the FTP servers must support server to server transfers. Then you just need a FTP program like FlashFXP and transfer between the two servers directly.

    If you have SSH access on both, you can also consider SCP.

    If you just have SSH on one of them, you can also login, and use FTP to grab the files directly.

    Or you can also use Wget.

    There's many ways.
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    Server to Server FTP is as good as FTPing from a Server to your local PC. The server from where you transfer file becomes your client...just like downloading or uploading to your local PC....difference is that the transfer will be much much faster.

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