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    Godaddy or NameCheap security wise?

    Which registrar would you go with to put your most important domains- GoDaddy or Namecheap? For NC I don't like the idea that they're a reseller, so disputes in the event of a domain hyjacking for example might not go as smoothly as GoDaddy. NC's "push" feature also scares me a bit. Am I justified in thinking this way?


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    Godaddy is an ICANN accredited registrar so it suppose to be better , but if you are an international , then better to move your domains away coz they may block your country any time ..
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    Thanks. I'm wondering, lets say I get into a domain dispute or even hyjacking with my domain at Namecheap. Does NC even have the authority to get the domain back for me (provided I proof my ownership of course), or am I basically on my own to contact upstream and get it back that way?

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    You would need to work through enom the parent registrar to get the name back.
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    You should also take a look at Tucows.

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    Ok, that's what I thought. I would prefer to put my important domains with a company that has direct say in getting one back if I lost it somehow. 000domains looks good as well.

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    000domains has a solid reputation for support
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    GoDaddy would be the most secure out of the two.
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    if someone hijacked your account then he can transfer the domain out andthat wouldn't be a registrar issue it would be your account security..

    pushing domains can be returned and NC pushes are pushes between their accounts not between their system and enom account.
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