Basically, here is what I want to acheive...

Server has 3 ip addresses. Yes, these are all on same server for now.

xx.xx.xx.88 - main shared ip for hosting and main server IP (hostname=

xx.xx.xx.89 - nameserver1 at
xx.xx.xx.90 - nameserver2 at

All these IP's have forwarding A records for their hostnames and reverse DNS
mapping set. They can be pinged at their hostnames so I know there is no
problem here.

I just need to configure bind on this server to work correctly - so that any domains created on the server utilise these nameservers (having already had their nameservers set at the registrar) but I dont know bind at all.

(I'm using plesk 6.5 for windows and their support is useless)

Any help would be greatly appreciated !