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    I am trying to backup one of my servers remotely and it backs up everything fine apart from the registry.

    I get the error message "failed to connect to the registry".

    I have tried changing the permissions for my backup account, I even had my backup account as a member of the administrators but it still fails to connect to the registry. The server is running windows server 2003.

    I am backing up several other servers' registries and they work fine, with the same settings.

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    Did you try updating then restarting the server?

    BTW it is a bad idea to do this in the first place.

    What you should be doing is automating a local process on each server to do a secure ftp to a safe backup server. This way there is much less of a chance for this account/process to be exploited.

    you should set up as many of your processes this way... automate on the server to call out instead of giving yourself remote accesses and prileges to log in and gain control.

    if you are just doing this for redundancy (which most ppl do) set up mirroring and some sort of tripwire as it will be more secure with less overhead.

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