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    Hi there.

    Does anyone know anything about this company? They are part of "Redback Internet Solutions"

    Just changed over our host to from, and now think I may have made a big mistake...

    The ad promised 99.9% uptime, but the server was down most of the weekend, and again last night until about 9 this morning, and they have still not responded to an email enquiry I sent them on monday. Also worrying was that their homepage was down as well. :-(

    Would appreciate any advice on how to locate a *reliable* host!

    All the best,
    Oxford, UK

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    Sorry to hear that, this is probably a good read for you:
    Clustered Hosting With Continuous Data Protection (CDP)
    8 Years of hosting excellence!

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    Thx Robert - nice to know its not just me!

    The thread was relevant, and the links to FAQs on how to select a host also v good.

  4. #4 down again at 6.30am this morning. Not just my site, but the host home page.... this is *bad*...

    Anyone else heard of a hosting company that turns off their servers when they go home of an evening???

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