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Thread: Load Balancing

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    Load Balancing

    I want to have 2 server one in US and other in UK. so that I can balance my load like if traffic is more on one server it will redirect to second one...

    Is this is Load Balancing??

    In this system both server will work simultaneosly and will be updated in real time..

    How can I do this??

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    The cheapest variant would be two name entries for each hosted domain. e.g IN A <ip1> IN A <ip2>

    bind versions beginning from 8.? will rotate the entries after each request and clients (like browsers) usually try the first delivered ip (untlil unreachable, then the second one ...)

    This is no real load balancing but a cheap replacement!
    Load balancing would be an intelligent (stateful) solution which costs much more ...

    If you work with sessions, this might cause problems (if name resulution is redone and a client trys an other server after that). You'll have to propagate each session onto every server.


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    I'm not sure how you would keep your data updated in real time but you can look into rsync, NFS and distributed filesystems. I can tell you it is no easy task though.

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