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    10 Mbit Port or 100 MBit port for my new server ?

    Intend to get a new SM server in the next few days, but i'm still undecisive whether to get a 100 Mbit port for an extra $10/month.

    I'm getting a P4 2.8Ghz, 1 GB Ram, 80 GB HDD. The server will be use to host about 300 low-traffic websites, so do i need a 100 Mbit port ?

    Will i get a performance gain by changing to a 100 Mbit port or a 10 Mbit will do just fine ?

    Thanx for any valuable input.

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    Unless you are doing a sustained 6mbps or more or do a large amount of bursting type traffic a 100mbs port will give you no real benifets.

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    enter coupon WHT and u get a second HD free

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    Originally posted by shraz
    enter coupon WHT and u get a second HD free
    You mean i just indicate "WHT" in the signup form and they will give me an additional 80 GB HDD ?

    You know when this offer will end ?

    Thanx for the information ! I appreciated that !

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    if you add in the coupon
    and press "get quote"

    you'll see in the description on top

    Secondary HDD: 80GB Hard Drive: WHT Promo

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    If you are unsure if you need the 100mbps then just keep it at 10mbps for now. Then monitor your bandwidth usage over the next 4 to 8 weeks then use that to decide how much bandwidth you are actually using. If it does not show that you are using more than 8mbits then keep to 10mbps.

    Keeping it at 100mbps would (in load) mean you might exceed the allocated bandwidth and pay for excess charges. It is good as when you are under a DDoS attack, the server would still be accessible but the excess bandwidth charges may be too high to bare. - Offering Batch Image Processing and TIFF/PDF Software Solutions

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    Normally it should be fine with a 10mbit port for a webserver, we don't really have spikes all the time but you might have to look into 100mbit solution if its a download server.

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    Save your 10$ on your first month. If you see your spikes hitting the 10Mbit limit and your clients complain upgrade to the 100Mbit port.
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    It's the situation like choosing power of engine for you new car. More powerful - more expensive - but it often worth it

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    or go with managed and get a better deal

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