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    Suddenly rebooted :(

    Last night, my RH 9.0 server suddenly rebooted. In the /var/log/messages, I only found this :

    May 5 02:55:03 earth shutdown: shutting down for system reboot
    May 5 02:55:03 earth init: Switching to runlevel: 6
    May 5 02:55:04 earth shutdown: shutting down for system reboot
    May 5 02:55:04 earth atd: atd shutdown succeeded

    and the rest is normal boot message

    This machine does not have any local user ... only me.
    Does not have a lot of running services :
    - apache 2.0.49
    - thttpd
    - openssh
    - snmpd
    - pure-ftpd

    Cant find anything in the log Anyone how this happen ?

    [[email protected] log]# last | more
    pot pts/0 c3eea3d45.cable. Wed May 5 08:44 still logged in
    reboot system boot 2.4.26-HN-1.6-P4 Wed May 5 02:55 (06:19)
    pot pts/1 c3eea3d45.cable. Wed May 5 01:13 - 01:42 (00:28)

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    maybe a datacenter tech rebooted it for an upgrade :? Or maybe you have a worm of some sort, run chkrootkit and rkhunter
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    Sudden reboot can be a bad power supply, or a very short/fast drop in the power line (if no UPS), or heat problems. As far as software goes, the kernel will spontaneously reboot any time there is a triple exception, which can happen when ram is bad (try memtext86, or the cpu or chipset overheats.

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    happened to me years ago when i couldnt afford good hardware... seems to almost always be improper cooling or power. Many chips & motherboards shut the system down to prevent damage when they redline. My asus did this when i had a bad power supply. get a probe (asus has 1 that kicks *** for free).

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