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    Storage Solutions for Web hosting industry

    We are a storage resource management company majorally working on

    Storage Resource Management (SMI-S: CIM/WBEM), Virtualization
    - SAN Solutions (RAID & LUN management, Security, SAN backup)

    - NAS Solutions (CIFS, NFS, NAS Aggregation, Block level snapshot support)- SNIA compliance for existing storage solutions

    - Backup & Recovery modules (NDMP, LAN / Client free backup)
    - Pursuing RAID implementation for SATA controller
    - iSCSI / SCSI / FC / Serial ATA Target & Initiator development and porting (in MAC OSX, Windows, Linux and other
    popular flavors of UNIX eg. HPUX, AIX, Solaris, Tru64, FreeBSD etc.)

    - FC switch / HBA Management software development
    - Device drivers/Kernel Modules/File System Development

    - High Availability (Ex: Linux based Heartbeat HA solution)

    - DVT (Design validation testing) for FC / iSCSI / SCSI / Serial ATA HBAs

    Now i am really looking forward to hosting industry for our offerings.

    So for me the need based analysis is the objective.


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    do you have a website?
    TopQHost - We Provide Affordable Web Hosting with Top Quality Service

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    using common sense, i'll click on the "website" button to find out...

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    can't see the forest for all those trees !

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