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    This is one domain that is sure to flourish! Many people are now on diets or weight-loss regiments and many others are looking to start on them.

    What could you do with this website:
    - Have information on every type of diet
    - Make an online community with forums for people who are dieting
    - Put up methods of how to succeed in diets
    - Sell diet pills
    - Sell healthy foods
    - Etc!

    Logo that comes with domain: Click for logo

    Why am I selling this domain name? I have plans for it (to make it into one of the above sort of sites but I do not have enough time to develop it at the moment. If this domain does not sell, I will eventually develop it.

    Domain is registered with NameCheap, so there is a free push.

    Price: Make me an offer I can't refuse You can make your offers in this thread or by PM, you can also e-mail me.

    Thank You

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    your logo has "resource" spelt wrong..... you have spelt it "resorce" you might want to remake it... Also how much are you looking for? Pm me

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