Hi, and thanks for coming in. As the title implies, I'm looking for those with a little skinning experience in Invision Power Board. First off, let me say that I am not looking for free advertising from this post, so I will not post the URL of my site. I am strictly looking for someone to provide me with a skin for IPB.

The reward for designing me a kick-*** skin? One year free hosting to be exact. And as for the specs on this hosting account? I don't want to give maximums, but let's say that atleast 1GB of free space with atleast 10-20GB of free bandwidth is nothing to scoff at. But it won't come cheap, oh no. I'm looking for the best possible skin out there. Just for the common fine print, this hosting package follows all standard rules of public hosting packages, i.e. no porn or illegal activity of any kind, etc. And the hosting is fast, with little to no downtime. This is, of course, subject to change, but that is standard talk. I assure you this is a great hosting package.

As for the site, it is a forums-only site, with main focus on gaming discussion. This includes both PC and console gaming. Nothing is off limits in these forums in regards to videogames. We previously had a the pleasure of working with a talented skinner, whose work on a skin can be found at www . craftnebula . com/extraforum. Unfortunately, with the great work you'll see at that URL, he jumped ship in the prime of his work. I absolutely loved the design you'll see, so I'm looking for something similar to what was done there, if not something better. The design is completely open, so feel free to let loose.

The deal is you get free web hosting for a year in exchange for a fully designed, fully functional skin for IPB v1.3. The rules of this deal is that anyone and everyone can design a skin, if there is enough interest in this. I will not grant any one individual sole rights to design, as this will severly limit the choices I would have. You are responsible for setting up your own hosting for displaying your skin. Either that, or I need some really good pics. Once a "winner" is decided upon, I get the skin first and foremost, for testing and quality assurance. Then, the winner will be set up with their hosting.

Please contact me at my email address if you are interested at [email protected] I will respond to each and every email I get. Also, this first email is a good time to ask me any questions you may have.

That's it for this post, if I left anything out, shoot me an email. Chances are that I will see my email before I see any replies to this post. However, please feel free to bump this post as often as you see fit. To any mods, I hopt this is kosher, as I'm trying to not advertise, but simply trying to post an off topic discussion.

Thanks, and good luck.