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    I want to use modernbill.... HOWEVER


    I want to migrate all my customers over to modernbill, as I think it's the best overall billing software for hosts right now..

    My question is, I have thousands of customer records in QuickBooks. Is their anyway to import clients info from QuickBooks to ModernBill? CSV Dump even?

    If so, can someone give me a detailed answer, or website that can explain how to do this.

    Thanks much.

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    Hey p -

    I'm still a MB newbie, but I happened to have their support forums open as I read your question. Apparently, there IS a quickbooks to MB script that you can modify to your needs. Thing is MB makes you sign up to be able to access any of this stuff. From what a few members said, it works, with a little elbow grease. Doesn't populate plans, though.

    Good luck.

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