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    Please Review EasyRPG

    EasyRPG allows you to create and run your own Browser Based Online game.

    Here is an example of what one of the games looks like...

    Someone's Game

    Critique on easyrpg or the way the games look are appreciated.


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    Lot of the images are broken?

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    I found three problems with the images: some are simply marked as "not found", some are marked "forbidden" (e.g., an access permissions problem on the server side), and some have a url which is a local machine path (e.g., c:\my pictures\my images\etc.etc.etc.). Seems like the last two problems are ftp/upload related.

    on the user-owned games page (user_grpg.php), the sentence "to run our own" should be "to run your own".

    Once you enter a game area, there's no way to navigate back to the EasyRPG main site except by using the browser's back button.

    On the main page, I kept trying to click the arrow icons and titles. They do look clickable. Finally realized I could only click on the navbar.

    What is the purpose of the rollover feature of the text in the top right corner of the screen? I click, but nothing happens. If it's just static text, remove the rollover.

    The "Serif" font and size for the form on the signup page does not match the fonts used for the rest of the site.

    That's it so far :-) All of that aside, I enjoyed poking around the site!

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