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    Pay Pal IPN and etc


    Wonder if you could answer me some more specific questions:

    On my site I have online course which require to be activated after payment. Does IPN on PayPal do all this.?

    I read the IPN manual and it talked about checking if verified or etc...does this have to be manual..?

    All I want to do is make sure I successfully taken th epayment and the site will automatically activate the course.

    Also what are the benefits of having more than one payment provider? like Paysystems and PayPal on one website?

    I hope some can help



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    I do not know whether paypal provides IPN service. But I know that 2check and ikobo provide IPN service. I am an ikobo user. If buyer makes payment on my website, Ikobo will email me IPN information in no time. It is convenient. You can visit its website for more details.

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    I am using the service of and the specific feature for which i selected ikobo was its IPN service. You precisely need IPN intimation to activate the customer account so if you do not find it from paypal then you use for IPN service.
    However, ikobo is slow in response to cutomer service. They claim that they have improved in their customer service but i still need to verify their claim as compared to their past negligence to provide timely support to their customers.

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