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    Professional Comic Artist At Your Service

    Excellent For Logos, Stickers, Labels, WebSite Mascots...

    We have a professional comic artist who does art work in Mexico.

    You can see some of the work he's done at the following link:

    Prices start at $50 for Web (72dpi) drawing and $100 for print (300dpi)

    We offer discounts on multiple orders.

    You will receive a sketch (pencil/outline) within 24-36 hours.
    If approved it will take same amount of time to color it in and complete final touches.

    We work with you until you are satisfied with the art.

    If interested PM or contact me at [email protected]


    jh! design
    EMAIL: info AT

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    Sign me up;

    Looking for artwork that can be flexible, for both web use and a t-shirt.


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    Will not pay until satisfied with end artwork, and all changes are made to my satisfaction.


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    Hey thats a pretty good idea and nice work. Good luck!

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    jhdesign report to date:

    Very responsive, and has the ability to take ideas and translate them into action.

    So far, very pleased with the working relationship.


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    Work is still going smoothly, even with a major change in design at mid-phase.

    Very responsive!

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