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    1 Million Impressions / $200

    Im the admin of and we are offering ad space. The site has been around for 8 months, and we have over 30,000 members. We had 200,000 Uniques and 950,000 hits in April and we are growing at a very fast rate.

    The ads would be displayed on every page and the placement is pretty much up to you (as long as the layout can handle it). You can either have 1 million impressions @ $200 or you can have 2 banners (2 million impressions @ $300) Another option you can choose is PPC. We charge $.15/click and the minimum PPC commitment is $75 (500 click throughs)
    Payments should be made with PayPal.
    If you are interested, please email me at zafar (at) or contact me over AIM (zafar9999) or Yahoo (narutochaos) or msn ([email protected]).

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    Ok, the price is reduced to $150 for 1 million impressions and $250 for 2 banners (2 million impressions). The banners would be at the top of every page.

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