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    Graphics Request for Site Redesign

    We are wanting a real logo for our site and want to replace the server boxes on the right hand side with quicker loading images. Would like something that was more of a square we could add text inside of that just looks clean.

    The Logo is number one.
    Would like a new faster loading header that is easier to edit.
    New Graphic boxes for the side.

    We would like to see watermarked samples before making a final decision. Pleas include your pricing and time frame you could create them in. We are willing to buy from multiple people so don't be discouraged if you don't want to do it all.

    Our site is, we would like to keep the orange look and the background is ok. The layout is ok over all I think, just some tweaking we want to do. Do not fret if I don't respond immediately, there are always lots of responses here and we will have to sort through them. I would like to pick someone from WHT as we have always had decent look finding great artists here. If you are interested in a trade we are willing to trade a Platinum Plus plan free for a full year with full support.

    Look forward to seeing things and working with someone.

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    Im wondering if its possible you could pay cash instead free hosting.

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    Yes, the trade is only for those that would want it. We are offering cash though to those that we decide to go with.

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    Re: Graphics Request for Site Redesign

    Dear Kris,

    We are professionally managed Web Designing and 24/7 Tech Support Service provider company based in India.We have designed web sites for companies and are aware of the looks and appeal.So please contact me so we can showcase our work and discuss further.Looking forward for your response.
    Thank You.

    AOL:- meetsahdev
    YAHOO coolsnr
    EMAIL :- HOTMAIL [email protected]

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    Ok, thanks for the explanation.

    I can make this work.


    I could make graphic boxes like the silver button you see in my template example, and for the header some design like the one you see on it too.


    Let me know if you are interested in my work, please. I would like talk about prices by email or messenger.

    Good luck

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    Dear Kris,
    I can do this job very well…

    AIM: mzakirpatel
    Yahoo Messenger: mzrp


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    I cannot get the graphics to pull up on your site.

    Still looking for someone to help with this also.

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    Hi Kris

    I'm interested in doing the logo work for you. You can see some of my work at - email me at blalox at if interested. Thanks.


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    Nice work blalox!!

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    We're also interested in your project. Please see portfolio at

    For further details, please contact us, preferably with the complete specs.
    Lorand R. Minyo
    Co-Founder @ Neveli

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    Thank you for all of your help everyone. We have one of the great designers from here working on this project. There will be more to go around though.

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