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    ASAP : Programmer/ Designer needed for personal project

    A personal site needs to be finished.

    Everyone in our team is busy and this is a personal side project I took ( nothing to do with my company ).. and need to wrap this up soon.

    Requirements :

    1) php person who is proficient with php nuke/ news/classifieds and integration of simple OSC shopping cart.

    2) same person with some basic HTML/CSS/JScript skills to implement the template design into the backend.

    3) You MUST know how to work with drop down menus that are Cross Broswer and hand code those to work. I will provide the Drop Down script & parameters.
    If you show me stock DW MX drop downs instead, do not reply.

    4) Reliable and past examples of work with references if applicable


    This project is NOT for webprosys, my company but for a friend.
    Thats the only reason I am looking for someone here and not using my company resources.

    You can show your credits on the website. ( designed by/ powered by etc etc )

    Past Experience
    I have had ugly experiences from Yaxay where a kid traced a bitmap in flash and asked $75 for it and posted 100 messages saying how bad I was when I did not pay.

    NONE OF THIS CRAP will be tolerated.

    Contract will be signed .. payment will be handled in stages and if you cannot be reached by a US phone #, at least have YIM/MSN/AIM and a non yahoo or hotmail email account.

    You are dealing with a person whose company handles 1 - 4 complete websites a month and have 50 completed sites since 2002, 12 of them complete ecommerce sites so please act professional NO BS and you will receive similar & a fair compensation.

    Project Budget and Timeline
    $500 & up / 3-4 weeks

    My expectactions are high friom WHT and I believe I can help a freelancer or an aspiring company and finish up a good project.

    How to contact me

    NO PM NO IM's please send all queries and your info to ::

    satyakam [@]

    Kind regards
    SEO needed .. email or PM me.

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    I might be interested but can you explain more about what the project entails?


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    We're interested, please contact us with further details on the project, eventually with some specs.
    Lorand R. Minyo
    Co-Founder @ Neveli

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