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    Thinking of starting my own web design business ..

    I have been doing web design for a few years now .. mostly for fun. I have a free template site for blogs, which has done very well.

    I would post a few examples .. but since I am new, the site will not let me post a link to an outside site yet ... 4 more posts to go before I can do that ...

    One problem I have always had, was the thought that I was not 'good enough' to do this as a way to make money. I have finally been pushed to at least try (by my husband) ... so here I am .. ready to take the plunge.

    I don't know anything about pricing though .. now much I should charge for a site .. I don't even know where to begin, really. So, a friend of mine recommended stopping by here and checking to see what answers I could receive.

    So .. I thought Id check you out, and ask away. My first question then, is where do I start? How much should I charge?

    Ill stop with those for now. ITA everyone.


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    I'm no profesional but I will go ahead and offer my suggestions. When I look for a designer, I look for someone who is experienced and profesional. I think the biggest thing would be your portfolio. If I were you, I would do 1-2 maybe free websites to open up your portfolio. To start, design yourself a website. As far as the price, it depends. Do you do flash work? 3D Modeling? Etc.

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    Yes, like proxie said.. I mostly look at the quality of work.

    Also maybe look into partners that maybe can share your workload.. have skills you might not have(flash, php...)

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    Firstly, I suggest you make a 'portfolio' website. Even if you have nothing to go in there, create one to show your work from, accept / quote new possible clients and so forth. Next, think about what you're going to be offering, if you lack any skills, find someone who is interested in doing what you're about to do, and has the skills you require.

    Pricing; This is the hardest place to judge right now. What do you think your work is worth? Some designers charge 150$ are are fairly good, others (mainly companies) charge in the theousands. Every web site you create will vary in price depending on the work load. I suggest creating a 'base price' which is the minimum you will create a site for.
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    i have a friend in the web design business. i do not have any input on how much you should charge but another thing you may want to look at is marketing and seo services. he noticed a lot of his potential clients wanted a web site but they also wanted the same person to help with marketing. this will help you gain customers who want a "total solution."
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    I agree with what has been said. The first and most important thing is a site with your portfolio included. After this you need to basically target the type of sites/business's that you wish to work with (tip, stay away from gaming sites, gamers are geerally poor payers and want things for free). The it is all down to how well you perform in meeting deadlines/qualityof work etc...

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