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    [For Sale] Quality Business/Portfolio Template

    This is an exclusive template sale from

    For Sale: Template #3, OrangeFusion

    This template can be used for a Personal Website, a Business Website, or virtually any type of site.

    With purchasing this template you will get:

    -All PSD Files
    -1 Free Color Customization

    You also will be given the choice to add just $10.00USD to the total cost to receive FULL rights to this template, meaning that once you have paid and have received the template, it will never be sold agian.

    Preview the template by clicking here.


    Total Cost: $35.00USD

    Purchase this template by the end of this week and I will cut the Full Rights extra cost in half, so you get the layout all to yourself for just $40.00USD

    Any graphics, logos, or major adjustments must be negociated via email or instant messenger. Prices vary.


    Payments accepted Via PayPal, let me know if you need to use any other method.

    When you are ready to purchase this template, please email me at [email protected] or reply to this thread with your email, AIM Screen name, or MSN.

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    Hey defekt, nice template, good luck.

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