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    CultureNet Group Staff Required

    CultureNet UK is currently looking for support staff to aid small businesses in a forum environment- answering questions about online business, website development and hints and tips for new webmasters.

    What we would like from you is the following

    To assist inexperienced and experienced webmasters via our forum - giving support and advice.

    To actively market the purpose and products avalable from CultureNet UK.

    To have experience in forum moderation.

    Helpdesk skills an advantage.

    Knowledge of design or scripting also an advantage.

    What we can offer you in return:

    A position in a up and coming business resource site.

    A business branded email address

    Generous discounts available on network site resources

    Free hosting available to Staff* (after trial period)

    Free 24/7 support for your own Website business via our forum/helpdesk

    CultureNet's aim is to provide free support and resources to small business owners, employees, and Webmasters. We can help you optimise your business potential, from providing downloads to assist your website needs to offering legal advice about copyrights and trademarks. Join us today - dont miss out.
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    I am not sure if you are still looking at the forum you have opened but I would be willing to gain technical support exp.

    and the development Exp, Please contact me as soon as you can so we can talk more about this.

    and I have some other questions for you as well.

    Thank you, Michael

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    ive added you to my list now and hope to hear from you soon.


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