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    Remote hands & staging in Fremont CA

    For those of you using or XO in Fremont, I have an office with 1250sq ft of warehouse space only 1/2 mile from HE and 2 miles from XO.
    Since I have servers in both locations I am in the office daily where I build servers for other clients as well as my own.
    While my primary business is technology consulting, I thought I could offer staging and/or remote hands to anyone in need.
    For the staging, I have ample power (200 amps), fully switched 10/100/1000 network with pre-wired network drops (72), Biz-class DSL with firewall through which I can map ports to your specific boxes if/as needed and even a pair of racks if mounting were part of a staging requirement. I estimate I have room to assemble and/or store about 100 servers at a time.
    For remote hands, I've worked with a number of HE clients already and can provide you with references and a quote depending on your needs. This can include on-site triage, OS installs/re-installs, patches, hardware swapping (Fry's is very close by for emergency parts) and complete server removal and shipping/receiving.
    The events at HE yesterday got me to thinking that there may be a few who could benefit from such services given the extent to which the HE staff was being stretched last night.
    Feel free to PM me for a phone number and addtitional information.

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    You interested in leasing any space at your location?

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    If you're simply looking for storage or staging space, then absolutely. Heck... even shared office space I suppose. If you require serious bandwidth, it probably wouldn't work since the SDSL is only rated at 416 Kbps. I am looking at alternatives for greater capacity on the bandwidth side of things, but it will still be something in the 1-10 Mbps range.
    Anway, the short answer is yes

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