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    Unhappy berryhost

    Has anyone experienced problems recently with

    I have been using them since 2002, when they were known as pearhost and always found them easy to deal with. There were the ocassional outages, but communication was good and the service usually came back up quickly.

    Two weeks ago, the site I was hosting went down, as did berryhost's main site for a while. When I finally got a query through to them I got an email back saying they'd had a major server problem and were replacing it. The site came up shortly afterwards, but I was unable to access the control panel/ftp using my previous login. This was pretty critical as all my mysql scripts were falling over.

    My subsequent emails regarding this problem have disappeared into the void. The only mail I've had from them has been a recurring payment bill.

    This is a bit academic now as I have transferred my DNS to another host and plan to cancel the berryhost account (hopefully without hassle). Was just curious if anyone knew if there'd been a change at the helm, as it's always depressing when a good host turns sour?

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    Phone them and get it resolved.
    Gary Jones - Canada Web Hosting

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