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    Need some vb3 help.

    I am need of some general vBulletin 3 help. You must be good at working with skins, and have some knowledge of the code. I am really looking for someone that would do this free, but I am willing to pay a little via. PayPal. This really shouldn't be hard, i'm just stumped and tired of looking for the error or whatnot. You must also run an instant messenger such as AIM or MSN. Please reply to this thread or pm me with your messenger information. I am looking for someone that can help me fairly soon, and I wouldn't think this would take more then a couple of minutes for someone who knows vb3.

    Thanks and have a good day..

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    lol i don't know many people that will waste their time to help. That's why VBulletin offers you to allow to pay them for more support...

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    As stated in the above post, I am willing to pay a little. I dont see this as a waste of time. vBulletin does NOT offer support for hacks and additional skins, but thanks for the useless post. Go troll another thread!

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    Enis I can look at it for you, I have an hour to kill before the game Do you have msn or aim?
    - 7de5igns

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    7de5igns - I have sent my AIM contact information via. PM. Hopefully you will be able to help. Thanks in advance..

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    I am still looking for someone to help here.

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    I think I can do this - if your willing to wait until tomorrow that is

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    send me a message at theinvertedkid. ill help ya
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