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    Unique hosting layout!

    Hey guys. I just finished this layout today. I feel it turned out pretty well, and I am definately proud of it.

    With the purchase of this template, you will receive:

    -.PSD file
    -Fonts used
    -All Rights
    -Sliced JPG with HTML outputted files; a .html file and an images folder.

    I am asking 175.00 for the template, but if I receive multiple offers, the highest offer will receive it. If you would like to do the slicing yourself, I will accept 160.00. If you'd like to bid on it, you may, starting at 100.00. Now, the template!

    Please reply here or PM me with all offers. As with all of my templates, the prices are not set in stone, but will go to the highest offer if multiple offers are received within moments of each other.

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    EDIT to original post: Price is 160.00 and 150.00 without slicing, sorry for any confusion.

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    nice design but I think your asking for a little too much!

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    Thanks for the compliment.

    I ask the same price for all of my templates I sell here, unless I feel they aren't worth it. I feel this one is worth 150.00, but if the purchaser doesn't think so, I will take other offers as said in original post!

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    Is there a subpage included in the design?

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    Yes one will be included. I just haven't altered the main .PSD yet. But yes, sub page included.

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    Wow that is excellent work and well priced, it shows you value your work and time, as any good designer should. Good luck with your sale!

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    Price lowered to 145.00 with slicing, 135.00 without.

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    Price lowered to 130.00.

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