Get a domain reseller account with registrations as low as $6.99 USD.
All reseller accounts come with the following options:
  • Prices lower then 75% of our competitors with no minimum deposits requirements or signup fees.
  • Java or PHP API Kit for integration with your site.
  • Infinite level of sub-resellers underneath you.
  • Brandable & customizable homepage/storefront.
  • Brandable control panels for you, your customers and your sub-resellers.

With prices starting as low as $6.99 USD per domain registration you have the potential to become a successfull domain registration company in no time. The option to have an infinite level of sub-resellers underneath you combined with our low prices enables you to setup as many sub-resellers underneath you as you need/want.

Api is also available for integration with your site. Our api is coded in either java or php and is based on SOAP and simply requires local function calls, unlike other api systems which require xml creation and parsing.

Branding and customization is available for your storefront, homepage and control panels, which makes HotLink Hosting completely transparent to your future clients.

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