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  1. #1 - what's the word on them?

    good or bad? pro's and cons ?

    anything. I'm considering to signup with them today or tomorrow.

    they have special packages running now with double bandwidth only for full year payment.

    I did a search on the board here and saw one or two comments but none were negative.

    so what do you think?

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    Never heard of them. Are you in a hurry to signup? Personally I would be hesitant to sign a one year agreement with a company i knew very little about or had trouble finding information about.

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    I fully agree with iblive. Also keep in mind that there are plenty of hosts to choose from and about some of them you can find plenty of feedback...

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    thanks for the replies.

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    FWIW, they don't seem to have any means of securely processing renewals. My interactions with them lead me to believe that all credit card information is stored in clear text in their customer service database. When I asked them to provide me with a more secure means for providing the information, they acted as though they were offended. I won't be renewing with them; I at least expect them to understand why it's a problem for me, and not assume I'm trying to impugn their integrity.

    Also, they seem to me to have some uptime issues -- something over 48 hours (couldn't tell how much more) of web down time in the first three or four months of service.

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