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    Question How can I add a CONFIDENTIALITY NOTICE to all outgoing email?

    I have a client that is a small law office that would like all of their outgoing mail tagged with a CONFIDENTIALITY NOTICE at the end of each email.

    How would do that via my server?

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    Depends on what mail server software you're using.

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    SMTP Server (QMail)

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    You could use the QMAILQUEUE patch and write a little program that adds the footer and then pipes the output into the real qmail-queue (requires programming knowledge). You might also be able to use Qmail-Scanner to do this (it's been a long time since I've used it, so I don't know if it can do this or not).

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    You could just tell them to add it to their signature in their e-mail client.

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    Yeah I was thinking the fastest way you could do it, allowing them to manage is add a sig. Qmail allows you to add a banner to your email
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    it's a crappy thing to do it server-side

    if they client can do it, it's fine

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