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    slicing up some psd

    I have few hosting templates in psd form, along with a couple other templates

    I need the text in them changed , I need them sliced up and the html files made or at least one file that I can put into a couple includes

    would someone be interested in doing this for $

    if you are interested please give a price to do one , and the price for you to do a few

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    I could do it for $15 per .psd if you need a few to be done.

    Let me know if u are interested in and I will start working straight away.

    Email me or pm me for custom design. Cheap prices!!

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    I'll slice your PSD's for $10 a piece, if there is a high quantity we can work out a deal. (Boy, I feel like a design ho now. lol)

    You can check out my work here:

    My site was created as a PSD, then sliced and modified in Dreamweaver so as you can see I am more than capable to meet your requests.

    Look forward to hearing from you.


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    i can slice for $9 each. :-d

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    how about $8.50 :p

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    5.00USD a peice or 20.00USD for 5., just pur picture html.. No content.

    Via Paypal
    - matt~

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    ok are any of you good at wrting content,

    "just pur picture html" I can hit save for web in image ready with out paying someone

    I need some of the text changed, too and /or text added

    I actually have 48 gereric templates I want to turn into sites

    I will start with 10, email me so i can respond with the file attachment

    I am ferret77 too, for some reason the board wouldn't send me a password to anther computer, so I made a second account

    this is the breakdown of what I want

    the psd exporteed
    the genreic company name , prices changed
    files made for each of the main pages
    hypherlinks added

    please quote a price on that
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    Read the posts people, no more blanket answers.

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    I offer to code each template for 8.00 and prompt completion.

    Portfolio includes:

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    Dear ferret77,
    I can do it in USD$15 per *.psd.

    AIM: mzakirpatel
    Yahoo Messenger: mzrp


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    Will cut and code with fonts and stuff all sorted out, hidden tags and meta tags all for $4 a template. PM me for details, my recent work here.

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    This is like the "Who's the biggest design ho contest". Next, someone is going to offer to pay this guy to do the work for him lol.

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    ok hold on

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    ok maybe I should clarify

    I can't post urls so go here

    ftp <insert period>

    grab the template its free, on me

    what i need is the company name changed

    see how the template has

    Home About Us Support Services Contacts Help FAQ

    what i need is pages preferably .php made for each of the button repersented on the template
    the superflous news and help buttons can be killed, just the basics

    each of the pages will use the template design, the links to the pages on the pages need to be added
    what I am looking for is when the job is done to be able just cut and paste in some text and ftp, thow in the contact form and pay links, and ftp

    I can do all this stuff myself, I am just sort of pressed for time, so please read what I am saying and give me a quote on that

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    I don't understand how your prices are so low.....

    Are you just slicing this and using the default generated html code or something?

    My offer -: $30 for each template

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    Ruad did a good job on the initial site for us. Jesse from here did the roll overs and several other things cleaning up tables/graphics for us too. Both were great.

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    Thanks for the kind words Kris,
    (BTW I'll be emailing you shortly with a reply to your earlier mail)
    Read the posts people, no more blanket answers.

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