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    Non-techie Needs Canadian Hoster- Advice Please


    I am a small business owner who needs to find new hosting for my business website. I don't need a lot of bells and whistles and I need it to be affordable- VERY affordable :-)

    Presently I have:
    100 MB
    Bandwidth 6 GB/mo
    Connectivity T3
    Customer Control Panel
    Web Site Activity Report
    Windows NT Hosting
    Email POP3 Accounts 5
    Email Forwarding Unlimited
    Email Autoresponders Unlimited
    Web-based Email
    FTP Access Account
    Support for FrontPage 2000
    Support for Dreamweaver
    Active Server Pages (ASP)
    24x7 Tech Support
    Nightly Data Backups
    UPS Power Backup
    Redundant RAID Drives

    I would prefer to use a Canadian company and would like the charges to be less than $10CDN per month. I'd also like to have the ability to have another domain name share the same account... not a "must have"

    I am considering Canaca.

    If anyone can help me out I would REALLY appreciate it!!

    Amy's Sit-n-Stay

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    Amy, I would advise you to stay away from Canaca, if at all possible. I am getting ready to nab a fairly healthy client away from them, due to poor server administration on their part.

    If you're looking for a decent Canadian based company (has US servers), I'd recommend LewisMedia ( or Cartika ( Andrew (Cartika) posts here very regularly, Jeff and Joseph are awesome to work with (based on personal experience).

    Hope this helps!
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    Thanks for the quick reply guys! You've given me some more to think about (good thing!) Also, thanks for the warning ;-)


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    There is a lot of good hosts in Canada.

    Here is a cupple from where I live (Quebec):

    Those are 3 good hosts that I recommend.

    Good luck!
    Charles Beliveau |
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