I'm looking for a new home for an open source project I'm developing. The target is a dedicated server, as we need to host websites, email, distribution lists, source control, custom backup setup, etc. The idea is to host this in the UK as most of the administrators will be located here or nearby in Europe, and we predict most of the developers too.

Having had servers with several UK providers before, I'm not really asking for a host quote here (so save that comment and just lock the thread if you feel the question inappropriate ). I'm trying to find if there are any high grade hosts in the UK: not in the sense of managing servers like a nanny to ensure their uptime, but providing a very stable DC and network. Stable meaning not small amounts of packet loss, no packet loss. And an SLA with peers giving significant compensation in the case of occasional packet loss/outages.

Rackspace is the obvious choice and I'm already in communication with them. However, they do charge very significant amounts of money (starting around 350GBP/month, I hear), most of which I imagine goes towards providing intensive analysis of customers' requirements, setting up hardware/software appropriately, etc. I've been put in touch with a Linux specialist to discuss a custom configuration, so I'll await the outcome of that before making a final decision.

Can anyone suggest any other UK hosts that might also be able to satisfy these requirements? With less emphasis on managed hosting, I'd like to see the price fall to 250GBP/month max with about 50-100GB/month bandwidth and a server of reasonable power (2GHz P4+, that sort of level). But please spare me the endless lists of UK hosts you've heard of, unless you've had direct experience with them and know that they can satisfy these serious stability requirements. And I think it goes without saying, don't advertise yourself.

Many thankies.